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An Appointment for Fitness

Doing this fitness thing can be daunting and uncomfortable at times.  Who am I kidding?  Sometimes it is just down right hard and discouraging.  I have found that since I shared my desire to complete one 5K per month throughout the next several months with one friend and then another, my excitement to complete the task has grown.  It has helped so much to have the support of friends and knowing that they are rooting for me and wanting to help me accomplish this goal by walking/running with me is making all the difference!

Karen and I have been talking and we want to start a Saturday morning walking/running/hiking group.  We know how hard it is to do this fitness thing on your own.  Sometimes when you feel fat and/or out of shape it helps to have someone to meet, someone to workout with, someone to be accountable with–an appointment for fitness!

So–anyone local who would like to join us for a walk on Saturday mornings should let one of us know and we’ll get you the details regarding when and where we will be meeting.

Here are some highlights:

  • Starting this Saturday, April 16th
  • All walks will start at 6:30 a.m. so those with other early obligations can meet them
  • All fitness levels are welcome.  Walk/run at your own pace.  Walk for as long/far as you want.  This is simply a starting place and time to help motivate us to get out of bed and get out there and move our buns!
  • It will be at the same time/place for at least the first several weeks so there will never be a question as to where and when.  Some weeks there may only be one or two people there.  Most weeks we hope there will be several!

Hope to see you on Saturday’s this summer!  🙂