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7 Things

Hanlie tagged me with this awesome award and the opportunity to share 7 things you may not know about me….so here goes!

  • I once competed in a “scholarship” pageant–yup, lime-green swimsuit with matching 4-inch heels, opening dance number, evening gown, musical reading talent and all.  It was fun, but for some reason it is one of the things in my life I’m more embarrassed for people to find out.  Now you all know so I can relax (whew!) 🙂  If I could only figure out how to get a clip of my talent converted for posting–now that would be a treat.  I’ll have to see what I can do 🙂
  • Speaking of talents–I really like to sing.  I’m pretty convinced that I’m no good at it, so I don’t do it in public very often, but I definitely sing loud and proud in the shower (except when at the gym–I don’t want to be known as the crazy fat lady who sings in the shower–I’m already the crazy fat lady who can’t help but sing out loud to her iPod while on the treadmill).
  • I once went to a movie starring Scott Glenn with a boy named Scott Glen.  My Scott Glen was cuter.
  • Hanlie’s 7 got me thinking about horses.  I once took “Horse 4-H.”  Unfortunately, though, we only had one horse and my older brother also took Horse 4-H.  My dad wanted us both to be able to participate, so he borrowed/leased a Shetland Pony from a friend.  He was a cute pony.  His name was Twinkie.  But friends, Twinkie was evil.  He hated me and would try to lose me at every possible turn.  I think he knew when 4-H day was because I would go to get him from the pasture and he would be full of burrs–every stinking time.  Perhaps Twinkie could sense that I was a bit embarrassed of him.  You see, it was hard and took every bit of courage my little 12-year-old self could muster to ride into that arena every week when all of the other kids were on their regular sized horses and I, for all intents and purposes, was riding a glorified dog.  I think he secretly hated me as much as I secretly hated him.
  • I am wicked-awesome at pitching in slow-pitch softball.  I just am.
  • When I was a little girl (ages 7 through probably 12 or 13) I asked for and received roller skates every year for my birthday.  This was much to my mother’s chagrin.  I remember her asking me several years, “Wouldn’t you rather have a cute purse, or some make-up, or something?”  Luckily, I grew out of that phase and my Mom was able to shower her only girl with frilly girlie things as I got older. 🙂
  • I’m one of the rare people who enjoys blind dates.  I’ve had dozens and there have only been two that I would rate lower than a 4 on a 5 point scale and in both cases it was due to the attitude of the man I was set up with.  I like blind dates because I find I’m much less guarded than when dating someone I already “like.”   You see….it is just so much easier to be myself when I don’t really care whether or not I see someone again–which usually leads to a fun time and seeing them again.

So, there you have it–7 things you may not have known about me.  🙂


Happy Thanksgiving!

My heart is full as I think about all of the many blessings in my life.  This past week has been one of reflection.  I learned that a good friend has a brain tumor.  She is so positive and full of faith.  I’m grateful for her example and pray for things to go well for her as she faces this challenge.  I also learned of the death (self-inflicted) of another acquaintance.  We hadn’t spoken in a while but the last time we did her struggle was evident and I’m so sad that circumstances brought her to the place where that became her reality.  My heart aches for her loved ones and I will miss her bright smile and enthusiasm.

Life isn’t easy.  As I’ve thought about these two situations, I can’t help but think about the fleeting nature of this earthly life.  We just never know how many tomorrows there will be or what kind of challenges will face us.  My only conclusion is that I need to live my life with more purpose.  I want to make every today the best that it can be.  I don’t want to find myself at the end of my life, be it next week (let’s hope not) or 50 years from now, regretting wasted time.

Of course, wasted time will be defined differently by each of us based on our priorities, goals, etc.  I never consider time spent with my family or friends to be wasted, although there are times when I could frame that time in a way that better serves us.  And I guess that is what it basically boils down to–am I using my resources (time, money, knowledge, food, my physical body, by spiritual nature, etc.) in a way that really serves the life I want.

On a separate but somewhat related note:  I do not eat in a way that is likely to help me reach my weight loss/health/fitness goals.  I really have some food issues that are fairly deep seeded.  But mainly….I just really like it.  Thanksgiving is my favorite of holidays.  I’m already salivating over my brother’s pumpkin pie, and the chocolate pudding dessert my mom makes, and dressing, and creamy whipped potatoes in the same bite as succulent dark turkey (you see the problem to which I refer?).  Well, as a counter measure I have agreed to photograph every thing (yes, every single thing) that I eat or drink (except for water) that I consume between Thursday and Sunday.  So….look forward to some fairly boring, but really tasty looking (albeit small portioned 🙂 ) photos of everything I put in my gullet.  🙂  Have a great holiday!


I want to introduce you to the blog of a woman from my gym.  She is just starting out on a path to better health and is blogging her efforts.  She is brave for sharing her struggles. And, I think the folks at the gym are awesome for helping and encouraging her.  I’ve never met a better bunch of fitness professionals and I know my experience has always been that they are so sincerely interested in the members well-being.  I have benefited from it many times over.

One of the great things that has come to me by blogging my own efforts to lose weight and get healthy is having the support of my friends and family.  Those I know in person as well as those I’ve met here on line have made such a difference for me.  I hope you take a moment to stop by and cheer her on!

I don’t know her in person yet, although I think we may have had a conversation in the locker room this morning about swim wear.  If that was this lady she is charming and sweet.  I look forward to getting to know her better.

Good luck my new friend!


Find out what it means to me….(lalalalala…you know I always have a song in my head 🙂 ).

I don’t even recall what got me thinking about this lately, but my mind keeps wandering back to thoughts about the tie between what we value (or purport to value) and how we utilize our related resources.   Perhaps it came from recently viewing the movie “In Time” (which I highly recommend—I saw it ten days ago and I still find myself thinking about it).  In the movie, people stopped aging at 25 and their currency was time. They were paid for their work in time (actual hours that appeared in a digital clock in their arm).  They paid for their life’s necessities with time. If they ran out of time—they died.  How they used their time and making sure they always had enough time was life or death.  There was a great disparity between those who had a lot of time and those who lived day to day. (I have to admit it also got me thinking about our actual currency and the difference in our current society between those who have and those who have not and the pathway for improving ones position or squandering ones resources—but that is a different post for a different day.)

Time is our one great equalizer.  Everyone gets the same 24 hours in their day.  We can’t bank it.  We can’t give it to someone else. We can’t borrow it.  It is ours and it is fleeting.  Which turned my thoughts to whether or not I appreciate the time I’m given and if how I use that time shows the appropriate respect to both the time I have available and the things I want to accomplish—the person I want to be.

How we choose to spend our time is a great indicator of what and who we value in our lives.  Am I giving the proper respect via my use of time and resources to those things and people that matter most to me?  I say that my faith and relationship with God is my most high priority, but do I give it the proper respect via the time that I dedicate to prayer, learning, and service?   When was the last time that regular consistent fervent prayer was really a part of my daily life? Do I study the word of God regularly? Do I serve in my church callings and my fellowmen with happiness or do I murmur?

I say I want to get out of debt, but do I really show my hard-earned money the proper respect by how I choose to use it?  Do I sometimes (or often) spend without thinking about my long-term plan and showing respect to this valuable resource?  Am I more interested in immediate gratification or in the big picture?

I’m basically obsessed with losing weight and improving my health.  Is this reflected by how I utilize the time available to me? Do I respect this amazing body that God has given me by feeding it healthy nutritious food or do I drown it repeatedly in diet Mountain Dew and other less healthful foods?  Do I get adequate sleep? Do visit the dentist as often as I should? Do I exercise appropriately in relation to how much I value a healthy body?

I value my personal relationships. I think I do a bit better in this area than in most, but am I really doing the best that I can?  Would I be further ahead to, on occasion, turn the T.V. off and go visit someone I love?  Do I know more about what is going on with Castle or the people on Survivor than I do about my brother, or my niece, or my friend?

Do I nurture those talents that I know I have been blessed with, or do I squander this precious gift either by wasting my time or doubting my abilities? Doubt and fear often cause me to be tentative and let time slip away while I’m questioning my abilities.

These are just some things that I have been thinking about lately.  If I were to give myself a grade on how well I do with showing the appropriate respect to the things I value and to the time that I am given, I would have to say that I’m well below average.  Too much T.V.  Not enough planning-which allows me and my time/money/resources to be influenced by and shift with the tide, the wind and anyone with a stronger agenda/plan in place.

But, that is the one great thing about time.  Once it is spent, there are no refunds—but if you haven’t used it yet, you can change your plan and utilize it better.  Luckily we don’t get additional time based on how well we have used our previous time. We do get to start fresh everyday with a new 24 hours.  Money’s a little tougher, but with time and commitment the mistakes can be corrected.

Does my use of time/money/resources reflect what I value? Am I using them in a way that helps me be the best version of myself?  If not, am I willing to change it? How can I best show respect for those things I value?

I’ll be thinking about this a lot.  If you have any insights I would love to hear them.

Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time.  Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” ~M. Scott Peck