Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?

Hi all!  I couldn’t help myself.  Thinking about what to title this post I thought a simple hello might be best as it has been a while since I’ve written.  Of course, if you know me–at all–you know that if I ever hear a pause I frequently take the word before the pause and start singing.  And what is the first song that comes to mind when I say the word “hello” and then pause?  That’s right….a little Mr. Lionel Richie. 🙂 

Where was I?  Oh, that’s right.  HI! {waves enthusiastically while jumping up and down}

I’m still here.  February has been such a hectic month for me.  It started out by getting the flu the last few days of January which turned into a really bad cold and bronchitis.  I’m still dealing with fuzzy-feeling lungs, coughing a lot, and wanting to do nothing at all in the evenings besides lie in my bed.  Grrrrrr    Me No Likey!

I have lots of posts running around in my head.  You may have seen the pattern that I say that and then you never see them.  I’m hoping that won’t be the case this time–or at least not so much.  50% better?  Yes….I’ll aim for that 🙂  So….here are some possible upcoming things I may or may not want to talk about…

  • I’ve gained weight 😦
  • Life is short–the death of a loved one and the illness of a close friend have me thinking  a lot about my own mortality.  Am I living in a way that best reflects who I am what I stand for?  Do the people who are meaningful in my life know by my everyday interactions with them how much I value them?  And….other deep thoughts 🙂
  • Food.  Juice.  Smoothies.  How I love it all and I need to find a way to make the love work with the weight management or I’ll never ever ever get this conquered.
  • Money.  Like Emma said about Mr. Knightly, “I hate John!  I love John!”  Money is my Mr. Knightly.  We need to learn how to get along.
  • Photography–workshops I missed while I was sick, workshops coming up, being brave about trying to make a little side cash with my favorite hobby.
  • To garden or not to garden…..to mow my own lawn or stick with the service I bought last year (which I loved, but hate to pay for), to paint or not to paint what color to paint, to sell or to stay put and refinance.
  • The ABC’s of something…..still not sure what. 🙂

Anyway—there is always something on my mind.  I need to start being better about putting it here.  These things are always more fun when shared. 



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  1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been sick! February has been a hectic month for me too and I feel a bit battered. Hopefully things will calm down to a riot from now on.

    BTW, my blog has moved – http://hvandermerwe.co.za/wp/

  2. Well I hope you are feeling a bunch better! The flu bug has kicked Utah in the pants for sure this year. You have had a rough month 😦 sorry life can be really hard and sad at times. You will get back in the groove of whatever works best for you when you are ready. There is no time limit on feelings other than your very own and I have learned it is best to get them in check before deciding anything in life. Now that song is in my head the rest of the night thanks a lot!

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