A Farewell to Credit Cards

Hi.  I’m Teresa.  And….apparently I am addicted to credit cards.  I didn’t realize it was as bad as I have recently found out it is.  As you know, I’ve been taking Financial Peace University.

Well….I may or may not have been asked to cut up a credit card in class.

….I may or may not have thought that would be a good idea.

…..AND I may or may not have dug that credit card out of my wallet the very next day to purchase concert tickets.

Ok……I did do all of the above.  And you know what?  I am amazed at how many times I reach for that silly card to purchase an even sillier item.  I am able to see so much clearly now how often I would justify a purchase that was not at all necessary and whip the old plastic out to take care of it.

Sadly, I confessed my weak moment at the next class.

Several weeks later when the scissors made another appearance, one of the other ladies in the class made a statement, teasingly I believe, that stung just a little bit.  Something about not pulling out HER credit card to use if after if was cut up. SMH 🙂  I laughed it off, of course, but I have to admit…it stung.  Even just a little bit.

I went home that night and annihilated every credit card in sight.  When I was done it looked like this:

card shards

That’s a lot of shards.  I carried this baggie around for a few weeks.  But, I can’t carry them around forever and I still want to remember.  They have found a permanent home.  Here:


A lovely vase my friend made for me with the word “create” inscribed on it.  How perfect.  By cutting up these cards and taking charge of my money I am putting myself in a position to create the life I want to live.  To create wealth. To create the ability to give. To create the ability to feel good about my spending.  So now….they live here:

card vase


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