Pardon my dust . . .

I’ve been a bit of an “all-over-the-place” blogger.  First I had a blog called that I deleted one night in a bout of poor decision making.  A decision I regretted almost immediately.  Then I blogged with some friends who were trying to lose weight at fatbegone  That sort of petered out and I was the only one really posting.  I decided to move on and have my own blog and one where I could talk about more things than just my attempts to lose weight.  There is, after all, so much more to me than how much I weigh.  So I started  Like the form blog (fatbegonegirls) I just didn’t feel like the title of the blog really represented what I wanted it to.  Fatbegonegirls played too much to the negative, in my opinion, at least in the title.  I wanted to focus more on the benefits of having the fat gone, but having the word “fat” in the title just never really resonated with me.  Teresatakescharge, on the other hand, felt a little too bossy and self-centered.

In all of this blog creating and trying to hone my voice and what that voice wanted to be saying, I still hadn’t found quite the right niche.  So, here I am again, trying to evolve something that will be really representative of me….the whole me…and what I value….and what I believe.

I don’t believe I’m there yet.  But…I do believe I’m getting closer.

One of the things I learned from deleting the initial blog is that I want to keep the old posts around.  I learn from them.  They are a part of my story.  So….I’m merging them.  I’ve already pulled teresatakescharge into this blog.  Later this week I’ll be pulling my posts from fatbegonegirls in.

I have a vision but it is going to take a few weeks to pull it all together.  So please, bear with me, until I can unpack and get organized.  Hopefully soon there will be more of a flow to things.



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