November Goals

I know this blog is supposed to be more about just doing something than about the planning.  But….some amount of planning is a good thing.  If you don’t have a map or directions or a plan, sometimes you end up spinning your wheels.  My purpose in starting JUST BEGIN is not to necessarily do away with all of the planning, but to plan wisely and focus more of my efforts on putting my plans into action.

With that in mind I have developed a few simple goals for November—at least one for each area of my life that I want to work on.  Some are simple things that I want to do on a daily basis to improve consistency.  Others are things that I want to work toward completing once or twice during the month.

I will be better about making consistent forward progress if I make my goals known.  Seriously—some of these may seem silly, but . . . that should only matter to me, right?  And I say it doesn’t matter.  Sometimes we need help with the simple and seemingly silly things in our lives.


–          Read ½ of  the Book of Mormon by focusing on 30-45 minutes daily (yes…big goal is read it through by end of year)

–          Attend the temple 2x in November (schedule it now!)

–          Continue with my goals to develop consistent daily meaningful habit of prayer


–          Daily consistent exercise

–          Starch based diet – no animal products (and, BTW, NO DIET COKE!)

–          Brush/floss every day (what can I say—I hate to floss)


–          On-time every day

–          No fb or personal e-mail @ work

–          Pray for and work towards having better focus and being a better employee


–          Keep house tidy every day (dishes, bathroom counter, clothes in the hamper, bed made, etc.)

–          Deep clean weekly

–          Get the yard cleaned up and ready for winter


–          Make a budget

–          Stick to the budget (following what I learned in FPU) (limit eating out to 2 lunches and 1 dinner)

–          absolutely no purchases on credit


–          Take Nicole’s Classes Photo 101, do all of the homework, and HAVE FUN!

–          Finish editing T&M’s family photos by 5/4/2012


Wish me luck….although, I don’t really need it as I have decided to JUST BEGIN and I WILL get this done! J  Cheers!


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