Jim Brickman and Going to Events Alone

So you may remember three or four months back when I talked about purchasing a ticket to a Jim Brickman concert to be used as a reward for meeting some goals (or to be given away if I didn’t meet the goals).  While all goals were not met, I felt I did well enough to deserve this treat.

Last Friday I had a wonderful time sitting in a very fancy seat at the theater enjoying one of my favorite pianists perform.  It was lovely.  And…going alone was not nearly as dreadful and I have imagined it might be all these years.  In fact, I quite enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong–whenever the option is available I would much prefer to go with friends, but it was nice to know that I don’t ever have to miss out on something just because someone else isn’t available.  In fact, four of my friends were at the performance and I visited with them during intermission and after the performance and two of them were kind enough to walk me to my car (the only thing that is not so grand about going to something like this alone–making your way back to your car in the dark of night by yourself–scary!).  Thanks girls!

Also in my previous post (all those months ago) I mentioned that I was giggling a bit about going to a concert with “romance” in the title all by myself–but that maybe I was ready to think about putting myself out there a bit more as far as dating goes and being open to the possibilities (being overweight has been a real barrier to that for me–whether real or imagined).  I decided to get on eHarmony over the long weekend when they had free communication and just see what was out there.  I’ve decided that while I have  a couple of very apparent flaws that my stand in my way–I’m a pretty good catch, AND  there are still some very nice available men.  Who knows, maybe one of these days I might be willing to do more than chat anonymously with random people and really put myself out there.  🙂

If you get the chance to see Jim Brickman on tour, you should.  The concert was great!


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  1. Since I can sit in any empty seat during the opera season, but only get two comp tickets for the whole five weeks, I’ve gotten a lot of practice of going to operas, concerts, and musicals alone, at any rate. I agree, it’s not all that bad. Going with someone is definitely more fun, but going alone is infinitely preferable to missing something I want to see, just because I don’t have anyone to go with, if you ask me.

    And YES–you are a pretty good catch. I’d say a dang good catch, truth be told.


  2. I would love to see him play. He is so gifted. We live in a small town so in order to see or hear any culture we’ve got to drive 1.5 to 2.0 hours. Ugh. It makes it hard with the kids, babysitter, etc.

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