February finds me reviewing my goals for the year.  I have set some “draft” goals, but wanted to “live” with them for a month or so before I put them down in stone so that I could be more realistic than I usually am when setting goals.  I have a tendency to want to do everything and then become overwhelmed and shut down.  Knowing this about myself, I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that I set wise goals and think things through first.

I like the idea of setting one or two goals in different areas of my life.  You know–the idea of being well-rounded an all.  I was reading a favorite time management book the other night, “First Things First” by Stephen R. Covey.  I’m drawn to this book, because the phrase that is it’s title is one that has significant personal meaning to me.  I don’t recall the exact wording, but he asks what is that one thing that if you did it (or did it differently, or better, or with more passion–you get the picture) would have the most profound impact on your life.

For, dare I say it, decades now, I have felt like the one thing holding me back in my life is my weight.  It causes me more grief than I can even clearly express.  Being fat has altered how I interact with the world, how I view myself, how I view others, etc.  I do believe, however, that things like my being fat are put in our lives as a means for us learning the lessons we need to learn in order to be the person God would have us be or in order for us to be in a position to help others.  So, being fat is a blessing and a curse.  Either way, its something I’m ready to move on from.  So, my number one goal is going to be to figure out what it will take for me to overcome this obstacle and find a way to do it that will stick once and for all!

Unfortunately, I’ve felt very stuck in this area for going on three years now.  I’ve been successful before.  I “should” know what to do, and yet I still struggle.    For now, I’m just packing my gym bag every day and I’m going to go to the gym every night right after work.  Just like an appointment.  I would never just not go to work.  I need to make exercise and taking care of myself like that.  I want my actions to say “I would never just not exercise.” or “I would never just eat crap.”

It’s a work in progress.


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  1. I hear you! It feels as if it’s this huge mountain that we have to climb before we can carry on with our lives.

    • I guess the secret is keeping a mindset where we are climbing that mountain as a part of carrying on with our lives, but it is so hard to not compartmentalize it more. I do that in a lot of areas of my life. I can’t xyz until I’m abc. Seriously…I set way too many limits on myself!

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