Beautiful Heartbreak

A few posts ago I wrote about experience and how I’m sure that what we go through helps us become the people God would have us be.  I wanted to share this song/video by one of my favorite Christian artists, Hilary Weeks.

You may be familiar with a few of the people featured in the video:

Mariama Kallon was a young girl who survived horrific things, including the loss of her family, in her war-torn homeland.  She is now an inspirational speaker (I’ve heard her in person and she is an amazing woman) who uses the experiences in her life to help others see the power and love of God.

Stephanie Nielson is a young wife and mother who survived a terrible plane crash that burned 80% of her body.  She is also amazing and such a great example of faith and strength.

Beautiful Heartbreak is a good song, No?  I love this song.  Each of us is faced with heartbreaks.  Each of us could stand with those at the end of the video and hold up our own signs.

Our heartbreaks don’t have to break us.  They can become beautiful if we will turn to God and with His help climb the mountains in our path, see through the heartache and learn to appreciate the view we wouldn’t have otherwise.  God does have a purpose for each of our lives! I’m determined from this point forward to see the trials and obstacles I encounter for what they are—opportunities to grow and stretch into the person I am meant to be.


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  1. What a wonderful view of things. Yes, we are never faced with more than we can handle, but we can only grow strong through our trials.

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