A Mile In Our Shoes…

This weekend as I was working on a project at home, I caught the blurb on a t.v. program that was advertising what was coming up in the next segment.  I’m not sure what program was on the t.v. as I was very immersed in my project.  Before the next segment aired the channel had been changed to a football game (my brothers were helping me and so the channel was always set for their entertainment–it was the least I could do 😉 ).

In that blub about the upcoming stories there was mention of a personal trainer who was gaining weight so that he would know what his clients felt like and could show them how to lose the weight.  Interesting.  My thoughts have returned to thoughts of this all weekend.  Much to my delight I saw it also mentioned in my facebook feed this morning, so I checked it out.

Drew, a personal trainer, really is in the process of gaining as much weight as he can over the course of six months. So far — 72 pounds –and he still has 4 weeks to go.  Check out his story here.

I can see the benefit to this.  There have been times where I’ve picked a personal trainer or mentor BECAUSE I knew they had been through what I’m going through and could “relate” to me.  I’ve also had excellent luck picking trainers who haven’t ever been anything close to obese.  I have found that most people in this profession really do want to help–regardless of where your starting point is.

I guess my biggest concern would be in what he might possibly be doing to his health.  But….I’ve been obese for decades now and I’m ok, so he’ll probably be ok for the 6-8  months he is dealing with it.

It is amazing to see the change in his physical appearance and to hear about some of the things he is becoming aware of.

Check it out and let me know what you think–smart idea? crazy idea? would you be more likely to choose him as a trainer knowing he has been to the other side?


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  1. I don’t know what to think. There’s a huge difference between being obese for 6 months and then losing it quickly and someone who’s been obese for a long time and has lost and regained weight numerous times. Our bodies become resistant to weight loss after a while, so what works for him, may not work for others. Furthermore, after six months his muscles will probably still have retained the “memory” of his previous activities. I fear that he will be expecting things from people, based on his experience, that might not be realistic.

    Also, I wonder if he’s taking into consideration why people are fat. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this last year it’s that we’re often fat because emotionally the fat, as well as the mechanisms behind the fat, satisfy an emotional need.

    I hope you will post about this again, because I’d be interested in seeing how this unfolds.

    I have to add that it would be great to have more trainers who have been fat themselves. I was very annoyed at a trainer a few months ago who tried to push me beyond what was realistic for my body – I wanted to tell him to strap 200 pounds to his back and see how fast he went!

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