Isn’t it pretty?  This was dinner last night.  It consisted of 4 large carrots, 1/2 cantaloupe, 2 pears, and a thumnail sized ginger.  (Have I told you I love ginger?  I love Ginger).

Back in July I watched the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and it really made an impression on me. So, on July 28th I started what I had hoped would be a 10-day juice fast.  It was interesting.  I really liked it!  I started the fast at 323 pounds and ended, 7 days later at 306.  So, the weight loss was good, but what was even better was how I felt.

Don’t get me wrong, the first few days were not pleasant.  I was detoxing–I think mainly from caffeine (ugh!  why do I do that to myself?).  I got a rash that lasted a while, but I’m pretty sure it was just a manifestation of  yucky things leaving my body through my skin.  After about day 3 I wasn’t super hungry.  The only thing that prevented me from making my 10-day goal was that I went to bed one night unprepared for the next day and then overslept in the morning.  This resulted in me melting some frozen juice that I had made into popscicles for my lunch (which I promptly spilled 1/2 of while I was shaking it) and then breaking down because I was so hungry and getting a salad.  I know–salads aren’t bad–but they aren’t juice and that’s what I was striving for.

I’ve still done a juice here or there since then.  This one last night was divine.  I’ll be having a similar one this evening.  The worst part about the juice fast?  Cleaning the juicer.  The second worst? Explaining to people what I was doing–I was never more aware of how “social” most of my eating is.

The best part of the juice fast? It really helped me hone in on what my emotional baggage is surrounding how and what I eat.  I think I need about three months to work through those things.  We eat for so many reasons.  We eat for entertainment.  We eat as an excuse to gather with our friends.  We eat for comfort, or out of boredom, or because we are lonely, or because it’s 12-o-clock, or because . . . and the list goes on.  Not once in a normal day do I eat with the thought of putting into my body the very best fuel.  When I eat I’m usually thinking about what will taste good, what will be easy to fix or pick up, what will be socially acceptable at a gathering I’m attending, or what sounds good.  Rarely do I, on a normal day, choose my food with my health, my performance, and my well-being in mind.  That needs to stop.

My number one priority in choosing the food I eat should be: what will it do for or to this amazing machine I call my body.  I mean, think about it.  Despite years of abuse via cheese burgers and french fries and ice cream and candy and inactivity and negative thoughts about it, my body has adapted as well as it could to what it was faced with.  I’m able to do amazing things–in spite of the fact that I’m 200 pounds over weight and not in great shape.  I’ve caused my body to have to deal with difficult things–sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure–and yet it still works marvelously.

What would it be like if I really gave it what it needs to operate at its very best?  What if I provided it with the nutrients that it needed to repair cells and function at it’s highest capacity?  The thought makes me almost giddy with anticipation.

I’m not sure if I’ll do another juice fast soon, but I do intend to “reboot” at least once a quarter and I remain determined to transform my diet to one that is plant strong and provides me with best possible fuel so that my body can reach it’s intended potential.

Do any of you juice? Make green smoothies? Do you have a favorite recipe you would like to share?




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  1. I have made some progress – the juicer is now actually in my home (Craig brought it two weeks ago). It’s not yet unpacked though, I must say, I love juice too, but the cleaning up is a chore. Although it’s not really that bad! I drink daily green smoothies. Lots of it!

    Glad you’re inspired to tackle both your health and your weight.

    • Thanks Hanlie! What are your favorite green smoothie ingredients? I just went to another Greensmoothiegirl.com seminar and I really need to do those more often too! Good stuff!

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