Wow…this being a vegan thing is a lot harder than it sounds.  Two days in and so far it is a big FAT fail!  But….I’m still determined.  I will make this work.  What I am finding is that the things that made it so easy to gain weight/so hard to lose weight on a regular standard American diet are the same things that are thwarting me now-lack of preparation and loosey-goosey accountability being the two main problems.

Here’s my game plan:

  • pictures of everything I eat from now until it sticks–this will make me more mindful and accountable
  • my biggest priority outside of earning a living will need to be meal prep–meaning: I don’t go to bed at night until I have a plan in place and food prepped for the next days meals

I would really appreciate any suggestions from those of you who may have made this switch in the past.  It’s not the meat or the dairy or the eggs that is really getting in my way–it’s my lack of prep and my need for convenience food.  It is so very clear to me now how and why I got so overweight (not that it was ever really a mystery–I’m a smart girl–it is just so crystal clear now).



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  1. I get up 30 minutes earlier to make my smoothies for the day. I found some lovely glass bottles with plastic caps and they’re just perfect for smoothies. One of these days I will start making my salads in the evening… but at the moment I’m still half-way in the convenience food trap. We’ll get there. It takes commitment though.

    • Thanks Hanlie! Whenever I take the time to prep and eat right I feel so much better. I need to remember that when I’m at the drive through 🙂

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