When a spud isn't just a spud…

When you hear someone say, “I’m from Idaho!” what is the first thing you think?  Be honest…..You think P.O.T.A.T.O.  Am I right?

Well…..I’m from Idaho (originally) and very proud of it and my spud heritage.  My paternal grandmother will be turning 90 this month.  I’m looking forward to writing some musing about her for a post nearer her birthday.  In prep for the festivities of her birthday celebration we have been combing through the picture archives looking for some photographic gems of this spunky gal and I was reminded of a very fun activity we had a few years back which capitalized in a most tasty way on the afore mentioned favorite root vegetable of my home state.

mmmmm………sort of makes you drool, doesn’t it? Grandma Elva has a talent for cooking.  One of her specialties (especially to those of us who call her Grandma) was these little gems….the spud nut.

My cousin, Clover, organized a day for us to go to the nursing home where Grandma Elva lives and make spud nuts.  We had such a great time.  Here are a few more pics of our fun day.
Aunt Gretta checking out the dough.
Grandma giving her approval.
Clover’s hands are messy!
Aunt Marge and Clover punching down the dough.
Cousin Lua punching out the spudnuts.
A well-loved recipe.
Believe me….they tasted as good as they look.
It was a lovely day spent with people I love.  My Aunt Marge recently posted on facebook that she and her brothers (my father) had a Family Home Evening where they made mustard pickles.  I also have lovely family memories associated with mustard pickles I will post about soon.  All of this, however, confirms to me that I have a lot of emotional ties with food that may be a stumbling block to losing weight.  Never fear though, these good memories can also be a stepping stone.  I hope to explore those relationships soon.
Anyone want to make spudnuts?

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