This is not my first rodeo blog.  I blogged previously at findingmyinnerathlete.wordpress.com.  Unfortunately, one night while feeling unusually overwhelmed and not coping well with it, I pushed the delete button and thought I was bringing some extra time into my life by doing so.  However, I missed my blogging peeps and the support I found here more than I realized.

I’m also currently blogging with two friends at fatbegonegirls.wordpress.com.  Well…the use of the word “currently” is really not accurate.  I haven’t posted there for a while and my friends for even longer.  It was fun while it lasted, but I feel I need a place to spread my wings a bit more and not simply focus on my weight.

If you have read the “Exactly What Are You Taking Charge Of, Teresa?” page, you know what brought me to start a new blog and my purpose for being here.  I must confess that this endeavor is starting out much more slowly than I had anticipated.  It will take some time for it to take the shape that I want it to.

As I stated to the right, some of the things I will be working on (in broad general categories) are:

  • Weight Loss
  • Personal Finance
  • Time Management
  • Spirituality
  • Talents & Hobbies
  • Things I Love!

I’m sure that as I go through this process things will change–additions, deletions, etc.Thanks for stopping by.  I’m happy to have your support.


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  1. Welcome to your new home!

  2. Thanks Hanlie! I know I can count on your for support!

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