B is for Bountiful Baskets

Bountiful Baskets.  The mere mention of the name fills my heart with the same hope and excitement as a child on Christmas morning.

A little over a year ago I was introduced to this wonderful food coop.   In essence, I have the opportunity at the beginning of every week to throw my $15 into the collective buying pool with lots of other people looking for a good buy on produce.  Then on Saturday morning, I get to go to the local pick-up site(volunteer when I am able) and come home with treasures like these:

All for a measly $15.

Every Saturday morning is like Christmas.  You never know for sure what you will be getting.  Sometimes you even get things that you aren’t familiar with and don’t know how to use.  I am ALWAYS amazed at how much I get for my $15 and I’ve had very few issues with things going bad too quickly.  Being a single person, it is difficult for me to get through an entire basket by myself in one week, so I’ve gotten into the routine of ordering every other week.

Some weeks they will have interesting add-on’s that can be purchased.  My favorites are the Mexican pack which usually has cilantro, Mexican grey squash, limes, tomatillos, avocados, a variety of peppers, onions, garlic, etc.  I try to get one of those whenever they come up.  I know I will have enough to make a good vegetarian chili to keep in the freezer.  It’s my favorite go-to lunch or dinner when nothing else sounds good or I’m too busy to cook.  My new fast food.  I also love the Italian Packs and the Asian Packs.  So Yummy!

And, I’ve tried things that I would likely never have purchased on my own.  Asian pears are a new favorite—particularly when made into a wonderfully spicy Asian Pear Slaw.  I had only one experience with artichokes previously, and while not my very favorite, have learned to love them as well.

I know Charlotte uses Bountiful Baskets because I’ve seen her and her cute Heather at pick up before.  It’s great, isn’t it Charlotte?  Do any of the rest of you use Bountiful Baskets or another similar opportunity?

In the long run, I want to move my diet into being mostly plant-based and BB is helping me force the issue.  I LOVE IT!

A couple of sites that I like to follow that give me great ideas on what to do with the contents of my basket are Basket411 and Inspired RD.

What are your favorite vegetable-centric recipes?


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  1. Those look so great! We used to have a basket scheme in our previous neighborhood, but there is nothing like that here. Pity!

  2. Love it. Love love love Bountiful Baskets. Being a part of it has made me branch out in my cooking, and meal planning is so much more adventurous (and healthy), and actually easier, because I plan our meals around what we get. Love it!

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