Help a Sister Out?

Ok peeps!  I’ve been learning a lot about my food consumption habits this past month.  I need your help.  I frequently allow myself to get too hungry and leave myself vulnerable to really horrible things like pop tarts, Twinkies, cookies, cookies, cookies (did I mention cookies?).

At the suggestion of my good friend and trainer, Blake, I’m taking the time to stock up this weekend on healthy snacks–you know, the things I can keep on hand in my bag, at work, in the car, so that when I’m hungry and there’s not time to fix a meal or eat something that takes time/effort I’ll have some good alternatives.

Here’s where you come in… you have any great ideas?  Aside from a protein bar, string cheese, nuts, and whole fruit, I’m at a loss.  Please, help a sister out! I want February to be a pop tarts, Twinkies, cookies, cookies, cookies (did I mention cookies?) free month!



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  1. Do you have a dehydrator? I got one at Bed Bath and Beyond for around $60 at Christmastime. They are GREAT for drying up those extra apples, bananas, and pears from the b. basket, and they make pretty good snacks. I have to be kind of careful calorie wise, because since there’s no water, I can eat a whole bunch really fast, and that adds up. BUT, even I do overeat them, it’s WAY better for me than potato chips or twinkies, right?

    • Thanks, Charlotte. What a good idea. I always have stuff from Bountiful Baskets that I’m trying to eat before it goes bad. Dehydrating would be a great idea! And so much better for us than potato chips (although I really like Potato Chips). Thanks!

  2. Hey girl, my sister always travels with cut up vegetables: celery, carrots, cucumbers and cubed up swiss or cheddar cheese etc. They are fabulous on the run and I am more apt to eat them that way than at home. I’m also a carb eater so a cracker for me is great too. Having read the other comment, my favorite dried fruit is a plum. Fabulous, they are really as good as candy.

    • Thanks Rose! veggies–good idea. Cheese–I will want to eat it all immediately. I love me some cheese. I’ve never had a good relationship with prunes. Something about their texture. But, I haven’t tried one for years so I should give it another shot. Perhaps my grown up pallet will like it better. 🙂

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