New Year, New ME!

Resolutions.  Do any of you do New Years Resolutions?  I have always been one to daydream and plan during this time of the year. I always have such great ideas and I know I’m going to do such a great job.  However, most years, like this one, I pull out the book where I write down my goals and desires (because–we’ve all been told a million times, if you don’t write it down its just a wish and not a concrete goal) and find the same things written on the pages that I’m still struggling with.

I kid you not.  The very same things.  I fleshed out some goals while I was on lunch one day.  When I got home, I pulled out my little notebook, excited to write my new plan only to find out that it wasn’t new.  Same plan as last year, almost word for word.

So, instead, I evaluated.  What had I done during the course of the past year to accomplish my goals?  Had I acted on my intentions?  Did I have a plan for execution or just a wish without a vehicle to accomplish the outcome?  Did I revisit my goals often to monitor my progress?  Was I realistic?  Hmmm……..   Very interesting.

I dream.  I even outlined what I “should” do to accomplish my goal in detail–but I didn’t follow up.  I didn’t keep those goals in the forefront of my mind.  I didn’t put the plan into action.  I didn’t live my life as if those dreams would become a reality.

What a revelation.  I know what to do now.  Next year when I get my book out–I won’t be surprised by what I wrote down today.  I will be familiar with it because I will have lived the past year incorporating new habits into my every day life in order to accomplish it.

My goals for the new year are still in draft form.  I’m toying with the theme of “health” for all categories that I want to work on.

Although I don’t plan to share all of my goals in detail here,  I do plan to share one category.  Here’s what I’ll be building on:

And…..I have some exciting things planned that I know will find me at the end of the year crying tears of happiness because I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.  I’ll share those with you soon!

Another thing that I’m realizing is how each of the categories I’m working on overlap each other.  For instance, I want to save money and eat better/lose weight.  If I do a good job of eating simply and healthfully and I leave the drive-thru alone, I can accomplish both goals.  I’m trying to make sure I have at least one overlap from each group with another as I think it will make the accomplishment of either singular goal easier.

So, now I want to know…..are you setting goals for the new year?  What are they?  How do you plan to accomplish them.

2011 is going to be AMAZING!


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  1. Good post Teresa! Though, all of your posts are very good and I enjoy them immensely. I do have two goals, but I have not yet written them. One is to put regular exercise into my life. The second is to get to bed earlier and get up earlier. I’m thinking that morning time will be more productive than the night time (though I have ALWAYS been a night owl and seem to be pretty productive between 10 pm and midnight). In the morning I’m hoping to do better things with my time. As for how I’m going to do it, I’m going to force myself to go to bed at 10 p.m. And, I have a lot of exercise DVDs, so I’m going to do one of them three days a week. Monday, Friday, and Saturday. The rest of the week I’m just too swamped with both jobs to fit it in and trying to do that and failing over and over is not helpful, so the goal is three days a week with the hope of increasing that as time goes on. Right now that will be three days a week more than I’m currently doing, so that’s good. Thank you for the encouragement Teresa. You go girl! I’m excited to watch you shrink!

  2. Hi Margie! I think you have the very right idea. Goals are supposed to help us and it is so counterproductive to set goals that you know will set you up to feel like a failure. It sounds like you have really considered what is realistic and set some reasonable goals. I’m actually looking at mine again this week and paring some of them down as I don’t think it will do well for me to have too many. I like the article that Sheri sent us recently from the Time out for Women speaker where she talks about the importance of setting goals to improve on things we are already good at or already enjoy. Too often my goals revolve around things I want to change and things I don’t like about myself–to the point where it is depressing.

    I know you can totally succeed with this. Can’t wait till we can talk again. Miss you!

  3. Ooh, I like the idea of setting goals for things that you’re already good at. This changes my idea of setting goals. None for now, I’ve had such a luxurious break, I haven’t thought of anything extra. But I always like the idea of having a few in progress, so I’ll do some pondering. Maybe February will be my month to set new years resolutions. Or March. Or April. Hopefully, mid-January. Thanks for the inspiration, my friend.

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