Thanksgiving Goals Accountability–Day 1

Well.  If I have one word for today it would be FAIL!  If I’m allowed a second word, it would be REGROUP.

I didn’t make it to work out.  I slept right through three alarms.  Its been happening a lot lately–even with a lot of sleep.  I’m headed to the Dr. tomorrow to make sure there isn’t anything medically wrong.  As soon as I’m done with her I’m off to buy a louder alarm clock.

Day one fail does not mean the goals have failed.  So– same goals tomorrow.

I will make it to 5:30 a.m. workout.

I will watch what I eat (well, I have to fast for the dr appt. and it isn’t until 3:30, so I will watch myself not eating).

I have church responsibilities in the evening, so no workout tomorrow night, but I will prep my Friday food and pack my gym bag so I can get ready for Friday morning.

I’ve been down, but I’m not out!


I just want to say thanks to you all.  Thanks for checking in with me.  Thanks for your words of encouragement.  Even if you haven’t commented, I’ve talked to some of you and I know that you are there, lurking in the on-line shadows, cheering for me.  It helps.  And it means more than I can express.  THANKS!


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  1. Have I de-lurked yet?

    (Well, I guess I have now!)

    Good luck Teresa (and Karen and Margie). As an avid (semi-addicted) Biggest Loser watcher, I have to say, this is waaaay better than anything on television on Tuesday night!

    (Probably because I like y’all so much better.)

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