You Pick Your Hard

Perspective!  Why is it so easy to fall back into negative ways of thinking?  I’ve been thinking a lot since my last post about how truly important it is to focus on the positive.  I saw something on facebook earlier this week that really resonated with me and I plan to use it to redirect my perspective when I see that I’m falling back into the old familiar negative patterns.  My former trainer and good friend asked the question:  “Does the thing that got you started keep you moving?” (A topic that could certainly/and may be the topic for another post).  One of his friends responded with the following:

“I heard something once about picking your hard. Its hard to be fat, its hard to lose weight and its hard to maintain. You pick your hard!”

This spoke to me.  Part of the reason that I’ve gained back the weight is that it is hard to lose weight and it is hard to maintain.  Of the three, my body is going to naturally gravitate back to the one that it is most familiar with when I quit putting mindful effort into it on a daily basis.  BEING FAT IS HARD.  But it’s a familiar hard.  LOSING WEIGHT IS HARD, and is perhaps a bit harder than being fat because it takes so much effort and requires being mindful every minute.  I’m sure that MAINTAINING WEIGHT LOSS IS HARD as well—although I don’t yet have significant experience with it.

Bottom line is—IT IS ALL HARD.  No matter what I do, no matter what I choose, I’m going to be facing something that IS HARD.  But, the CHOICE is mine.  I get to choose which hard thing I’m going to do.  No matter what I choose—it will be hard.

I choose Health.

I choose Weight Loss.

I choose Fitness.

I choose to pick myself up every single time I fail and try again, because even if I don’t I’ll be facing something hard, so why not the hard thing that will bring me the most happiness.

What will your choice be?


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  1. I love this concept of picking your hard. And you are right, it is all freakin’ hard. I guess I’m in the same boat that I tend to pick the hard I’ve known rather than the hard I don’t know. It’s liking picking the dysfunctional relationship because “it loves me” even though it’s killing me. I think it’s time to begin a relationship with the hard that respects me and treats me well!

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