Do you see what I see?

Ever since my post on Monday I’ve been thinking a lot about perception.  When I look at the things that I have done in the past that have been successful, my first inclination is to list, with great description and detail, the obstacles that I see or the difficulties that I might encounter if I choose to revisit the same strategies.  WHY DO I DO THAT?  Is it some form of protection—if I make myself and everyone else aware of the difficulties that lie ahead I get some sort of pass?

In reality, I believe that how we view things makes ALL the difference in how we experience them.  Why then, would I choose to focus on the fact that there have been some difficulties associated with participating in these weight loss challenges?

Why do I focus on the fact that it is hard to run in a race or a competition with other people (both fit and fat) and consistently come in last when I could focus on the fact that I did something that was truly physically hard for me and I succeeded.  I finished.

Why do I spend time fretting about how much longer it takes me to run a mile (or walk it while trying not to cry) than my teammates when I could focus on the fact that I was actually able to run the distance this time rather than walk, or on how much it meant to me that my team came back and ran with me the final several yards so that I wasn’t the singular focus of everyone else when I crossed the finish line last?

Why do I keep beating myself up when I realize how much harder these challenges will be now that I’ve gained 81 pounds, when I should be focused on the fact that I know this will help me get those 81 pounds and more off?

Why do I choose to dwell on how embarrassing it will be to have my weight and picture posted on a website anyone can see, especially when many will realize how much I’ve gained when I can focus on the fact that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks—it only matters what I am willing to do now with the circumstances that are presented to me at this time?

Well—guess what?  I don’t have a single answer to any of these questions that is good enough to keep me focused on what is hard or what is embarrassing or what seems impossible.  I choose to focus on the positive.

I keep trying to talk myself out of joining this challenge at the gym.  I’ve had a myriad of excuses, as you can see.  However, if I can come up with the entry fee (which will be difficult) and they still have slots available at the times I can accommodate with my work schedule, I’m going to throw my hat in the ring.  I know it will be a format where I can develop some good habits.  I’ll be required to go to team training 5 days per week and can use this to establish some regular exercise habits.  We will be required to journal our food—they will check our journals weekly.  I hate writing down what I eat, which is probably why I still struggle so much.  I’ve heard 80% of the battle is what we eat.

I found a good quote that I think speaks to what I’m learning about perception:  “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”  — Dr. Wayne Dyer

Thoughts of another challenge filled me with dread earlier this week.  With a new perspective I’m hopeful and excited.  Bring it on!


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  1. Excellent Teresa. Excellent. This post is exactly why I am so excited about this blog. Yes, I will post…really I will. I’m still thinking about things and trying to figure out how to fit it all in. It will happen. This thinking you expressed so well here is going to help us all tremendously. It is going to play a big part in all of our change. I feel it. Thank you for blazing the trail. I’m right behind you….

  2. hmmmm good thoughts…here is another way of spinning things….

    Our words are powerful…think of it liek this…God used the spoke word to speak light where there was darkness…and he says if we have faith like a mustard seed, we can TELL a mountain to move from here to there….

    Sooo..instead of saying…IF I can raise the money and IF there are spots left…how about you say …I AM doing this challenge at the gym. Declare your committment and whatever it is going to take for everything to line up will come….Suddenly, you will see opportunities for money and space that you didn’t see before….

    such as…talking to the director and working out a payment plan….or hmmm asking all those who say they support you to put their money where their mouth is…and see if a bunch of them chipping in 10 bucks would help….now asking takes humility…but…it starts with a declaration of your commitment to something to help you see the possibilities and to do whatever it takes….:-)

    love you T! and I jsut kNOW you are gonna be in that challenge and you are gonna rock it!!! If you choose to!

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